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“Dear Weight Conscious Friend:

In 20 years, I’ve personally been up and down in weight with all of the different diets on the market. I know how you feel and the thought process that you go through in the struggle to lose weight and keep it off.

The problem of losing weight from the viewpoint of you being the dieter, has seldom, if ever, been addressed. I’ll tell you all from the perspective of having been fat myself … and if you’re seeking a better life for you or for someone you love I’ll show YOU exactly how I will help you.

I mention loved ones here since your overweight problem does affect people around you and you know others that are overweight.

Diet Of The Future™ is compatible with the latest findings that certain viruses, bacteria and fungi are keeping overweight people addicted to the wrong foods and the perfect diet to go along with the new FDA approved diet pills that require a low fat diet.

Give me a short 20 minutes to read the above free reports – and I’ll show you how to change you and your loved one’s life forever… “

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